Office Web Apps 2013 Integration Series, Part 1: Introduction

Update 2014-11-26: This series of blog post has been terminated and I do not plan to write any more posts about this subject. Sorry!

Microsoft Office Web Apps 2013 is a server product, which can be used to view and edit Office documents in a browser without having the actual Office products installed on the local machine. Previous version of Office Web Apps had to be installed on a SharePoint server, but the new version is a standalone product which can be utilized to view documents from any product.

Office Web Apps is already integrated with SkyDrive, SharePoint, Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013. In this series of blog posts, I try to find out if it can be used in our own custom applications to view and possibly even edit Office documents stored in them.

The contents of this post series is outlined below. I will update this list whenever new content is published. If you want to get notified when new parts become available, just watch my Twitter account and/or follow my RSS feed.

Note: The listed content is preliminary and may change during the process of writing these posts.

In these posts I try to use the term “Office Web Apps” as often as possible, but sometimes using an acronym is easier. The acronym “OWA” is most commonly used to mean “Outlook Web Access”, so the acronym of choice for Office Web Apps is actually “WAC” (Web Applications Companion).


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